Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Favorite Sandwich

My sister and I rode the train home with sadness and hunger, knowing we have an empty fridge and 15 minutes to run through the grocery store! We did it! We bought a loaf of Italian bread, eggs, "turkey" slices, mixed greens, cheddar and avocado. These are simple but amazing ingredients. I'm a firm believer in good food making you happy and further, I believe in good sandwiches making life better.

I have no instructions, layer as you please and add salt & pepper as you like. Most important.. enjoy!

Pasta, Muffins and Rice, Oh my!

There are so many things I've made for myself and lazily avoided taking photos of. I've been inspired by 1tsplove to be better about updating and take the time to make good food and post about it.

The following are various things I've made in the past few months.

Heirloom Tomatoes and Spaghetti

Spaghetti. Do I really need to explain that part? The tomatoes, I heated the pan with some butter, added saffron, fresh cilantro and chopped up mini heirloom tomatoes. Once the tomatoes began to loosen, I removed them from the pan and topped the spaghetti.

 One for me, one for my sister!

Cereal and Yogurt

This is a breakfast-snack that I made one morning while my cousin was visiting. Breakfast-snack is what you eat when you are going to brunch later and can't fill yourself up and need something to satisfy your hunger!

Cereal (whatever you like),  yogurt, honey, banana chips and cinnamon. All measurements are to your liking.

Don't be fooled, I definitely added more banana chips.

Banana Muffins

Remember the frittata that came about from guilty abandon? This is a similar story. Look at these bananas... I don't remember what recipe I used. I found one, I used it. They weren't awesome, but they were great with tea!

Not looking so hot, but we're getting there.


My make-shift Iranian meal. Rice with tadeeg, salad, marinated "chicken" and yogurt.

Could the lazy monster bite me a few more times? I'm not rotating this photo. Salad and lavash with fresh herbs and feta slices, the freshest appetizer!

Delicious things straight from Iran. Roasted and salted lentils, dried sour cherries, dates and pistachios!

If I were able to prepare real meat, that'd be chicken and not some lame veggie chicken. I just can't do it! Rice with tadeeg, a cripsy part(y) from the bottom of the pot made with butter and saffron!

Look at that gorgeous rice! Saffron wins every time!