Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rootbeer Float Cupcakes

A new cupcake buddy sent me this recipe. I was skeptical at first but decided to try it out. I think that sometimes people get too crazy trying out different kinds of cupcakes. While surfing around the internet I found cupcake versions of desserts and what a disappointment! Majority of what made me willing to try and then enjoy this cupcake is that it is all about the flavors. This was not an attempt to make a rootbeer float in a foil cup! Another thing, the recipe makes a perfect dozen.


Putting together the ingredients was easy and took very little time, always a good thing.

Their color was the same as the batter when I took them out of the oven.
As they cooled, they grew darker.


I don't know how much chocolate I used!
I broke a chunk from this GIANT block of dark chocolate.


I did adjust the recipe for 2 tsp maple syrup and 1 tbsp vanilla soymilk.

I thought to save money I would use plastic sandwich bags instead of icing bags.


Worked out perfectly!

This was my favorite part, as you can see I got carried away with these last few.

Oh, but disaster struck! 


The second plastic bag, even with its zip lock made more of a mess!
(No pictures because my palms and the counter were covered in icing.)
I suppose I will have to find sturdier bags or use the real thing.

I would have put more icing, but considering my icing bag trouble, the little bit I was able to get on them was enough for me.

I'm advertising again, but this really is the best rootbeer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcakes & Spicy Chocolate Frosting

I've been meaning to do a test run of this recipe for quite some time, last night was the night! I'm pleased with how they turned out and definitely will be making them again. 
I would like to think of myself as a fairly resourceful person, last night reminded me why I can't say that I always am. I've gotten into a bad habit, and having parents that like to eat what I make has enabled me. Rather than do some kitchen research by myself (actually look the night before to see what ingredients I have at home), I call home with a list of ingredients asking my mother to check what we have in stock, while I saunter through the grocery store. More than any other ingredient, this always ends with an abundance of powdered sugar (she can never seem to find it). Is this really a problem? No! I love making cupcakes, and cupcakes need icing, and icing needs powdered sugar.

The recipe I used is from Cupcake Rehab, with some alterations. I don't like super sweet icing, and decided to use only 3 cups of sugar which kept my icing darker. I think I'd like to try this flavor for a different frosting recipe, I'm not a fan of buttercream.

I took pictures along the way and next time will be more careful with cocoa powder (disaster zone!), I think I got some on my camera.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tomato Soup & Crostini

I begin this blog with my favorite soup! I'm not big on canned soups, but an old roommate introduced me to this and I'm forever grateful. As a Mad Men fan, I feel conscious of advertising in my blog, but I assure you, I have no attachments to Muir Glen. I haven't tried any of their other soups, does that negate it being my "favorite?" The flavor aside, its great because all you need to do is heat it up and you're good to go! Another great thing, the chunks of tomato.

It has been raining for days and a warm soup was just what I needed. I used another favorite of mine, Health Nut bread to make crostini. I prepared enough to share with my father, having already eaten, he gobbled up the crostini and passed on the soup. This took a total of 15 minutes to prepare (it might take less time if you shred the cheese rather than cut obsessively thin slices).


Pour and heat in a sauce pan. Be sure to constantly stir as it starts to boil to avoid burning.

Slice the bread to desired size and rub with olive oil. Layer the cheese and sprinkle with black pepper and sea salt.

I'm hungry! Make yourself, soup!

I was so proud of myself for recycling foil ..

Pride will get you, I had a semi-disaster getting this out of the oven. The flimsy foil (that was not on a tray) ripped and one slice belly flopped to the oven floor.

Mmmm hot soup for these absurdly cold days.

This meal was inspired by and is dedicated to my dear friend Sara.