Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcakes & Spicy Chocolate Frosting

I've been meaning to do a test run of this recipe for quite some time, last night was the night! I'm pleased with how they turned out and definitely will be making them again. 
I would like to think of myself as a fairly resourceful person, last night reminded me why I can't say that I always am. I've gotten into a bad habit, and having parents that like to eat what I make has enabled me. Rather than do some kitchen research by myself (actually look the night before to see what ingredients I have at home), I call home with a list of ingredients asking my mother to check what we have in stock, while I saunter through the grocery store. More than any other ingredient, this always ends with an abundance of powdered sugar (she can never seem to find it). Is this really a problem? No! I love making cupcakes, and cupcakes need icing, and icing needs powdered sugar.

The recipe I used is from Cupcake Rehab, with some alterations. I don't like super sweet icing, and decided to use only 3 cups of sugar which kept my icing darker. I think I'd like to try this flavor for a different frosting recipe, I'm not a fan of buttercream.

I took pictures along the way and next time will be more careful with cocoa powder (disaster zone!), I think I got some on my camera.

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  1. OOOOH! These look fantastic. You know how much I love cinnamon! The frosting looks yummy yummy too, I love spiciness mixed with chocolate.