Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Molasses Ginger Cookies

Yet again, I had a craving for sweets, but with all this snow, who wants to go out?! Not me! While chatting with my sister, I shared my craving and she found me this recipe. Family is amazing, always there when you need them!

Delicious and chewy just as the recipe says so. Enjoy the pictures - nothing fancy!

Wow, not so attractive now.

Some of my favorite things!

Oh, look! I'm 13 again and like writing my name everywhere.

Make these again? YES!


  1. The texture looks divine! Very nice photos. :)

  2. Oh yummmmmm. You happened to already have molasses? I never make gingerbread because I don't have it and I'm like MEH, what am I going to do with the whole bottle?!